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One of our beautiful handmade jugs from Southern Italy with the elegant hand painted stripes. Use the jug for cold juice, a good red wine or for a fresh bouquet of flowers.

The southern Italian ceramics add a little warm sunshine and a beautiful story telling to the dining table and the home. Each jug, plate, bowl or dish has a story to tell from the area it originates from and the artistic legacy that has been passed down through the decades.

Our handmade ceramics from Southern Italy have a deep and rich tradition that stretches back several hundred years and reflects the region's cultural heritage. Our Italian ceramics are characterized by their vibrant colours, rich patterns and rustic aesthetics. Each piece bears a unique stamp of the artist's hand, making it a unique work of art rather than just a functional object.

The characteristic colors often used in Southern Italian pottery include deep blues, sunny yellow tones and earth tones that reflect the warm climate and lush landscape. The patterns on the ceramics are typically inspired by the beauty of nature, with motifs such as olives, lemons, fish, flowers and traditional ceramic patterns that have been handed down through generations.

All the ceramics are handmade, so there will always be slight differences in each item. This is precisely the charm of the handmade.

Wash by hand.
Available in four different colors.

Dimensions: H 20cm
Origin: Italy
Material: Terracotta

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