The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's Smiley report

You can safely buy tableware for food at Moro Moro Studio. We have received a large glass of Smiley from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Link directly to their page / the report will be published soon.

Food contact materials (FKM)

Manufacturers and importers must comply with a number of rules for e.g. packaging, equipment and utensils for food production.
​​​​Many different materials are used for contact with food. The materials may contain few or many chemical substances. For example, many chemical substances are included in the production of plastic, cardboard, paper, glue and surface treatments such as varnishes and printing inks, while few substances are included in glass.

The chemical substances in food contact materials can be released into the food via, for example, packaging, process equipment and kitchen utensils. This applies, among other things, to plasticizers (adipates, ESBO or phthalates) from plastics, lead from crystal glass, amines from glue and e.g. dyes from printing inks.

In general, it is important that you only use food contact materials for what they are intended for. Both companies and consumers should follow instructions for use, etc. to ensure that contamination does not occur due to incorrect use. An ice tray, for example, is not intended for hot food, and a waste bag is not intended for contact with food.
Read more about requirements and regulations at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration