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Sicilian pinecone 〰️ white

Sicilian pinecone 〰️ white

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One of the traditional pine cones handmade by our skilled potters in Sicily in the town of Caltagirone. Buy it for yourself, give it to a dear friend or maybe the newlyweds...

A Sicilian folk tradition
According to an old Sicilian folk tradition, the ceramic cones are a valued gift because they are both elegant and artistically beautiful - but also because they are supposed to bring good luck with a wish for prosperity and peace of mind to the recipient. The Sicilians believe that it should be given to any home with a desire for health, which is why you often see the Sicilian houses adorned with the artistic ceramic cones.

If you travel to the Italian volcanic island, you will also find that the Sicilian cones adorn the columns and entrance gates of the old villas, balconies and terraces, in noble gardens, in monumental cemeteries, on the facades of churches and monasteries. In the old days, you could also experience that the artistic pine cones were depicted on the royal thrones and noble chambers as a materialization of the soul, symbolizing the union between the earthly and the divine. In the Sicilian peasant tradition, they were also used to decorate the bedroom of newlyweds, as a symbol of fertility, to wish for the formation of a large family.

Dimension: approximately H 18cm x W 12cm
Material: Ceramic
Origin: Caltagirone, Sicily

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