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Unlocks Aries | Zodiac sign

Unlocks Aries | Zodiac sign

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Go hunting in the world of astrology with this complete collection of all 12 sun signs / zodiac signs. We have been lucky enough to take over a complete collection and now it can be yours. Choose one or more for your collection. Give it to yourself or give it to a dear friend. Designed in brass and fine decorative. Can be polished up more.

Aries 21/3-20/4

Aries has incredible impact and willpower. She is brave and full of energy, so she likes to lead the way as a pioneer.

Aries is a competitive person; a strong, modern, self-aware woman. She is direct and unpolished. She knows what she wants, takes initiative and is action-oriented. On the other hand, she is not so patient.

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