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Unlocks Capricorn | Zodiac sign

Unlocks Capricorn | Zodiac sign

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Go hunting in the world of astrology with this complete collection of all 12 sun signs / zodiac signs. We have been lucky enough to take over a complete collection and now it can be yours. Choose one or more for your collection. Give it to yourself or give it to a dear friend. Designed in brass and fine decorative. Can be polished up more.

Capricorn 22/12-20/1

Capricorn is a sensible, purposeful and very ambitious type. She is realistic, with both feet firmly planted on the ground. She needs structure and likes that life has a predictable rhythm, so she also prefers to plan far in advance, and does not live from day to day.

Capricorns can seem a bit boring and serious - on the other hand, they have fantastic leadership qualities. People look up to Capricorn, because she is in control of things, and you can easily leave the heavy tasks to her. She likes to take on a lot of responsibility and heavy burdens.

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