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Mini Double Sultan & Donna no. 3 | Sicilian head vase

Mini Double Sultan & Donna no. 3 | Sicilian head vase

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Finest double vase with Donna Regina on one side and the mighty Sultan on the other. Decorates no matter how you turn and turn it.

They are from Sicily, where the potter behind has his family-run production. Use it for mini plants, herbs or perhaps for makeup or on the desk.

The art vases depict Arab sultans and Sicilian Donnas full of pride, elegance and mystery and are a tribute to the people who brought ceramics to Sicily. The tradition behind the Sicilian head vases is based on an ancient legend from the time when Palermo was Arab, which tells of foreign mysterious, flaming love and a blossoming severed head. Yes, maybe you have even seen White Lotus and know that there is something fascinating and mysterious about the beautiful heads. You can read about our trip to the Italian volcanic island on Moro Journal and read more about the deadly Sicilian legend about the origin of the main vases here.

Please note that the vases are unique and no two are exactly alike.

ATTENTION! As they are handmade, some can become slightly damp at the bottom if there is water in them, so use a cut-off bottle or similar inside for flower water - this way you also avoid dirt and impurities inside.

Measurements: 13cm high / hole in the top approx. 4.5cm / bottom 7cm
Material: Ceramic / Porcelain
Model: Small
Origin: Sicily

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