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Original Bengal tiger mask from India | Blue

Original Bengal tiger mask from India | Blue

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Large and beautiful original mask from India designed after the Bengal tiger. A collaboration between Moro Moro studio and a local Indian artisan that started back in 2022.

The Indian papier mache masks portraying the Bengal tiger are a fascinating fusion of art and symbolism. The Bengal tiger, also known as the Royal Bengal Tiger, is an iconic species and a national symbol of India. These handmade masks pay tribute to this majestic creature in a unique and artistic way.

The masks are not only decorative, they also carry a symbolic meaning. The Bengal tiger represents strength, courage and beauty in Indian culture. The masks can often be used in festivals, ceremonies or theater performances and thus become a living part of cultural events.

Each mask is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen. The color choice in the masks can vary from lifelike to more stylized and imaginative shades, giving the artist the opportunity to express his creativity. In our collaboration, we have chosen the traditional and classic yellow tiger and then added four carefully selected colors curated by Moro Moro's founder, Luna Signe. She has created a white, pink, green and blue model.

Investing in a handmade mask from India not only enriches your home with a beautiful decoration, but also supports local craftsmanship and preserves an important part of the country's cultural heritage. Masks demonstrate how, with the right knowledge and good craftsmanship, simple materials can be transformed into fantastic works of art.

Size: Large
Material: Papier mache / clay
H 30 cm x W 28 cm x D 20 cm
Origin: India

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