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Handmade Sicilian Christmas trees 〰️ no. 4

Handmade Sicilian Christmas trees 〰️ no. 4

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Pre-order - is shipped from Sicily and delivered in week 51/52.

Give your home a little Christmas atmosphere with the beautiful and atmospheric ceramic Christmas trees - handmade by our skilled potters in Sicily in the city of Caltagirone. Choose between three different large trees.

Handmade ceramic Christmas decorations from Sicily are a unique and charming way to add a warm and authentic atmosphere to the Christmas celebrations. For generations, Sicilian artisans have created beautiful and colorful Christmas ornaments using traditional techniques and patterns that reflect the region's rich cultural heritage.

Each piece of handmade ceramic Christmas ornament tells a story of Sicily's vibrant culture and proud traditions. The artisans use their skills to create unique and personal Christmas ornaments that can become treasures in any Christmas collection. Each ornament carries not only the artistic skill but also the passion embedded in each crafting process. Decorating your home with handmade ceramic Christmas ornaments from Sicily is not only a way to celebrate Christmas, but also to bring a bit of the warmth and warmth of Sicily into your own home.

Model: large
Dimension: approximately H 25cm
Material: Ceramic
Origin: Caltagirone, Sicily

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