Sustainable packaging for your shopping!

Bæredygtig emballage til din shopping!

Welcome to Moro Moro Studio - We pack your finds a little greener.

At Moro Moro, we have a special focus on our use of packaging when we ship your order - precisely because we dream of making your shopping just a little greener and taking a social responsibility when it comes to the use of packaging. We therefore use both recycled packaging and innovative materials in the hope that it makes just a small difference.

When you shop at Moro Moro Studio, you can be sure that your experience is not only beautiful, but also as green as possible.

When you receive your package from Moro Moro studio, it is therefore packed with recycled plastic bubble wrap, bubble wrap bags that we "inherit" from another company instead of these being scrapped, FSC-certified cardboard boxes and all the recycled boxes we can get, cardboard paper made of recycled paper as well as biodegradable packaging chips made from corn and water. And yes, the box is occasionally a little dented or the paper a little crumpled - but now you know why.

We believe that even small changes can have a big impact, which is why we have implemented a number of sustainable measures in our shipping process:

  • Recycled packaging: We carefully choose recycled packaging to protect your purchases during shipping. This means that the packaging we use has already had a life and continues to serve a useful function. By reusing packaging, we reduce the need to produce new materials and minimize waste at the same time.

  • FSC®-certified cardboard boxes : All new cardboard boxes that we purchase are always FSC-certified and several contain recycled cardboard. "FSC certification is a security and provides documentation that we use our forests in a responsible way. With FSC, both forest owners and companies contribute to ensuring healthy forests that are full of life, for the benefit of current and future generations.” FSC dk.

  • Wrapping paper made from recycled paper: We love the slightly rough and patterned cardboard paper made from recycled paper that we pack your goods with. In addition, we always reuse the wrapping paper in which our products - for example the Sicilian fish and main vases - are wrapped, whenever possible. This reduces the amount of paper waste and helps create a more sustainable cycle. So yes, occasionally you get an old Italian advertising newspaper in the package.

  • Biodegradable packaging chips: When it comes to protecting your products during shipping, we only use biodegradable packaging chips. Biodegradable packaging chips generate less waste and pollution compared to traditional plastic packaging chips. These chips are made from 100% natural materials – corn and water – that break down quickly and safely in the environment without leaving harmful residues. You can therefore both throw them in the vegetable bin or in the compost in the garden.

Thank you for supporting Moro Moro studio and our commitment - Together we can make a difference, one biodegradable chip at a time!

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